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Healthy Buildings Start with Healthy Foundations

DriWay Technologies is a global building health technology company that combines proven hardware solutions with data analytics to keep buildings safe from invasive groundwater from the foundation up. Reducing invasive groundwater damage leads to long-term building health and healthier indoor environments for its occupants
DriWay Technologies was founded in 2019 and currently serves many of the worlds largest property owners. Learn more about our Leadership team.


Driway Technologies Global Team

Andreas Calianos

Joel Kesler, Global Chief Business Officer for DriWay

Joel Kesler

Co-Founder and Global Chief Business Officer
RYager_Website pic-2

Raymond Yager

Global Chief Financial Officer
Jean-Paul Pollard, Global Director of Operations for DriWay

John-Paul Pollard

Global Director of Operations
GG_Website pic-2

Grant Gischen

Global Manager of Business Development

Driway Technologies USA

Linsey Fuchs

North American Operations Manager

Driway Technologies United Kingdom

Janice Hughes, DriWay Technologies Joint Venture Partner and CEO of UK

Janice Hughes CBE

Chief Executive Officer of DriWay Technologies UK
Stephen Taylor, DriWay Technologies UK Joint Venture Partner and Director

​Stephen Taylor

Director of DriWay Technologies UK

DRIWAY Technologies Middle East

Mohammed Sharaf, Chairman of DriWay Technologies Middle East

Dr. Mohammed Sharaf

Chairman of DRIWAY Technologies Middle East
Hamad Sharaf, Joint Venture Partner - DriWay Technologies Middle East

​Hamad Sharaf

Chief Executive Officer of DriWay Technologies Middle East