DW - Series Devices


The DriWay Technologies solution uses a unique, patented, passive antenna system to reduce and control excess water in masonry caused by groundwater infiltrating building materials against the forces of gravity, also known as rising damp. The technology solution leverages natural magnetic fields to disturb the intramolecular attraction between excess water and silicate molecules in building foundations and walls. The excess water in masonry is then liberated, allowing it to evaporate. With the DriWay Technologies solution in place, building materials are returned to their natural hydrodynamic equilibrium and water is prevented from rising into the building structure.


Requires no electrical power or battery usage
Contains no harmful chemicals
Emits no noise pollution
Non-intrusive to a building’s structure


DW 1

H: 6.5 in x 12 in
Range: 1,000 sq. feet / 100 sq. meters

DW 3

H: 6.75 in x 13 in
Range: 2,000 sq. feet / 200 sq. meters

DW 5

H: 14 in x 14.5 in
Range: 5,000 sq. feet / 500 sq. meters

The DriWay DW Series Devices come in three sizes with three different ranges. After an inspection of the you property our trained technicians find the right Device / Device combo that best fits the need of your building. If you are interested in the DriWay Technology please contact us here.

If you are interested in the DriWay Technology please reach out to us here.